So, you’re looking for a “bright” design solution?

You’ve come to the right place.

Hi! My name is Caryn Newton. Lantern Glow Design is lighting the way to bright visual communication and smart web solutions. I create unique, functional websites and print design to make your business shine.

Benefits of working with Lantern Glow Design:

  • Custom design to target your audience’s emotions and create experiences
  • A designer who works with you and keeps you informed through every step of the process
  • Easy to update web solutions with a smart setup to work for your business and budget
  • A variety of design services for your convenience

I started Lantern Glow Design, my freelance graphic and web design studio, in 2009 so I could bring my passion for visual design to businesses who’ve “seen the light” in understanding the importance of visually organized and attractive information. The business name stands for the guidance I provide, bringing four years of training and six years of real-world experience to my clients’ projects. I know that budgets and quality services can come together to result in great design that really works for a business, and I’m committed to making that happen inside a process that puts the highest priority on customer service.


I wouldn’t change a thing.

The simplicity of the whole service process. I was provided an easy to understand estimate, the work order/payment process was straight-forward, and the actual work was done in a timely fashion. The phone support was excellent as well. All my questions were answered promptly and explained in a manner in which a WordPress newbie like myself could understand…Caryn Newton was a pleasure to work with and her pricing was very affordable. Great professional support for a great price. You’re doing everything perfectly… I wouldn’t change a thing.

Leah Fritz
Perfect Place Home Staging, LLC.

_ _ _ _ _

Professional, Efficient, and Detailed.

“Caryn is one of the most professional, efficient, and detailed graphic designers I have ever worked with. I’ve worked with a variety of designers, and Caryn, by far, is top notch. She delivers ahead of schedule and is very conscious of producing a quality product for her clients. She goes above and beyond and will search for an answer when she may not know it. Her priority is her client and their needs, and it shows in her customer service and attention to delivering a product that her clients will be proud to tell others about.

I’m so thrilled to have discovered Caryn and her many talents and look forward to working with her on more projects throughout the years.”

Barbara Techel
Award winning author of Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dog book series, joyfulpaws.com

_ _ _ _ _

Skill, Savvy and Value

“Caryn Newton is a talented and accomplished graphic designer with an all-too-rare work ethic. More than that, she’s an earnest, insightful businessperson who understands the importance of listening to the client — both what’s said and what isn’t — to glean the true scope of a project’s needs. She’s versatile, equally at home in print and on the screen, with a rich skill set and a refreshing can-do attitude. Caryn doesn’t make excuses for why something can’t be done, she finds ways to make it happen. She displays a personal and professional maturity almost unheard of in a young person today, and always invests herself fully in the outcome of any project she tackles. Best of all for a small business like ours, Caryn is self-directed and doesn’t require a lot of supervision.

She’s capable of owning an idea and bringing it to full fruition, while knowing when she needs to ask for guidance from the client. I can honestly say I couldn’t have gotten through our last several seasons without her. Whoever chooses to add Caryn to their creative team will soon realize they’ve made an excellent business decision. She’s the whole package: skill, savvy and value…and fun, to boot!”

Mary Shafer
Publisher, Word Forge Books

_ _ _ _ _

Always Ready to Serve

“Caryn, I’m so glad to have you on board as my website overseer!  It’s a huge relief to know my artwork presentation is in such capable hands – and that you’re always ready to serve.”

Norine Kevolic
Artist, norinekevolic.com
_ _ _ _ _

Easy and Effortless

“And thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Caryn. You made this easy and effortless for me and the timing is wonderful, auspicious and *magical*. This Saturday is my beloved dog Brooke’s birthday and in honor/memory of her I will be able to go live with the website. Thank you for making that happen.”

Patti Kerr

Author, Magical-Dogs.com

_ _ _ _ _

Friendly. Patient. Thorough.

There were several features I enjoyed about working with Lantern Glow Design. Caryn was professional, friendly, patient, thorough, and had good conceptual ideas. I would recommend Lantern Glow Design to others wholeheartedly. Caryn completed all work efficiently and in a timely manner.

Walter Stoffel

Author, Lance: A Spirit Unbroken