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Print: Through Frankie’s Eyes

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For this book interior layout, author and publisher Barbara Techel of Joyful Paws, required a legible, clean look above all else. To enhance the message within the book, the author asked for us to incorporate photos into the chapter pages. A vintage style photo frame (also used for the Joyful Paws website) was used to add… Read more »

It’s Good to Be Responsive

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Devices capable of accessing the Web are changing all the time. So how do you build a site to work with all of them? There are a few options, but one of the latest is called Responsive Web Design (RWD). 2013 has even been called the “Year of Responsive Web Design“. RWD allows your website… Read more »

The Client’s Guide to DesignerSpeak

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To someone new to the graphic design world, it may sound as though we have a language that sounds like we made it up. Because, well…we did. But if you’re working with a graphic designer, you’ll have to understand DesignerSpeak. To be helpful, I’ve provided here some terms you’ll need to know: DPI (Dots per… Read more »


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Welcome! My name is Caryn. I’ll be offering lots of tips for business owners because I want to make it easy for you to work with freelance designers like me. Do you want to: Find out what you can do to make working with a freelancer easier and more effective for you? Learn how you… Read more »

Website: Newtown Health and Wellness Center

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For this website, Newtown Health and Wellness Center needed a look to seamlessly blend their existing identity system with their recently updated facility. A soft repeating background adds texture to contrast with a simple content area. This look was inspired by the color palette from the logo and the natural materials used to decorate the Newtown Health and Wellness Center…. Read more »