Website Maintenance Plan

We know you made a significant investment in developing your site. Our Website Maintenance Plans will help keep your website running smoothly.

We’re offering this plan with two payment options:

  • Monthly basis: $15 due on the 1st of each month (total cost of $180 per year)
  • Annually: Total cost of $150 if paid on the first of the month following completion/launch of your site (roughly a 15% savings)

This plan includes:

  • Weekly file backups, with the three latest weekly database backups stored on Lantern Glow Design drives, so your content is always ready to restore.
  • Monthly backups of your media uploads and files: Your site files will also be stored here at Lantern Glow Design, ready to upload, in case of emergency. Everything will be saved, and we back up our ongoing client files to the cloud, to provide prudent redundancy.
  • Monthly plugin updates (or as released by the developer): With updates run monthly, you can be sure your website always has the latest, most secure features.
  • Additional updates and backups as WordPress core upgrades are released: Your site will always have the latest features and most secure setup possible.
  • Up to two additional hours of tech support and maintenance per month, as needed to keep your site running in tip-top condition.

To discuss options for your website maintenance, please feel free to contact us any time.